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Whether you are locked out of your property, need a lock replacing or your house has been broken into, Dave Halsall Locksmiths can help you out 24 hours a day. In addition to providing installation and repairs for door locks, I can also offer solutions for window locks, gate locks and safe locks. As a fully insured locksmith in Ormskirk, I can provide a variety of locks. These include morticed locks, nightlatches and cylinder locks for both domestic and commercial properties. With a great deal of experience in working with doors, windows and patios, I offer emergency lock out services, security upgrades and repairs for your house, bungalow or flat. I source all my lock and key systems from reputable suppliers, whether you require a mechanical digital lock or a mortice lock.


As a fully insured and experienced locksmith, I can provide a wide range of locksmith services 24 hours a day if you require maintenance or in the case of an emergency. My wide range of locksmith services includes:

  • Lock changes and upgrades
  • Entry to your door when you are locked out
  • UPVC replacements and repairs
  • Mortice and Yale keys
  • Garage locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Business locks e.g. shutters
  • Freestanding and wall safes
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Nightlatch, rim, mortice or padlock installation

How Do Locks Work?

If you have a flat key, then you most likely have a pin tumbler lock (or Yale lock). This is made out of a cylinder plug that rotates when the key enters it, henceforth opening the door. The pins within the lock lift when the shear line aligns with them, allowing it to rotate. When there is no key in the pin and tumbler lock, the springs will be relaxed and the pins will be resting on each other within the chamber.

Nightlatches are fitted to the inside of the door, and the rim cylinder is fitted to the external side of the door. When the door is shut, the nightlatch sits on a keep that is attached to the door frame. The bolt has a lead, round edge. Also, it can be moved into the nightlatch casing using a lever on the inside or a key externally.

Equipment I use to repair and install locks includes tension tools, key extractors, plug spinners, pick guns and key machines.

Security Tips

The security of your house, belongings and car is somewhat dependant on the locks and security systems installed to your house. It is recommended that you have a deadbolt lock installed to any exterior door you have on your domestic or commercial property, whether it is a single cylinder or double cylinder. Deadbolts are more secure than spring bolts as spring bolts can be retracted by applying force to it. However, a deadbolt requires the appropriate key to open it from the interior and exterior. There are multiple types of deadbolts to choose from including a classroom-function, exit-only function, push-button and single cylinder. For more details, get in touch with me today for advice on which one best suits your requirements.

For your home to have maximum security, you must ensure that you have UPVC locks installed on your windows and garage to prevent unwanted entry. If you have a mechanical electronic lock, you should regularly change the access code to ensure that nobody knows it. For additional security for your valuables, you should also consider having a home security safe installed. I can supply and install safes for your home to store electronics, jewellery and any other possessions.

It can be difficult to know which security system your home would most benefit from. Visit my FAQs page or call me today on 07811 267 274 for more information.

Burglary Repairs

Although you may have locks on every door and window, burglars use lock snapping and other methods to break and enter your house. If enough force is applied to the lock cylinder, they can easily gain access to the lock. This enables the door to open. One of the most important locksmith services that I offer is my burglary repair service. This involves many things including lock replacement, door repairs and UPVC upgrades. I understand how frustrating a burglary can be, which is why I offer a 24 hour call out service. Furthermore, I always arrive at your location in Ormskirk on time to offer you fast solutions for your locks, and install systems to your property to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Working In Ormskirk

I can travel to Ormskirk and the surrounding areas to provide 24-hour locksmith services, including lock repair and installation. Ormskirk is a historic market town in the heart of West Lancashire that is home to many features including the Chapel Gallery, Coronation Park and the Parish Church. It is also home to Edge Hill University, and there are many places to visit around the area including Farmer Teds Farm Park.

As a student town, there are many restaurants and pubs in the area including The Ship Inn, The Green Room and The Railway. Other nearby attractions include the Martin Mere Wetland Centre, and you can enjoy a variety of canal cruises.

Get In Touch

I provide the supply and installation of a wide range of locks including deadbolts and locksets, including 3 pin and 5 pin cylinders. For emergency locksmith services, mortice lock installation and digital lock repairs, get in touch with me today.

Tel: 01704 507 508 
 07811 267 274

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