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Maintaining Security at Your Home

Keep your home secure this summer with some guidance and tips from Southport’s leading locksmith, Dave Halsall.

Working with a professional locksmith that you can trust, can mean the difference between a secure home and a target home. Without the efficient locks and security your home needs, you could be leaving your home, valuables and your family open to burglary attacks, regardless of what area you live in.

Dave Halsall Locksmiths are able to assist, guide and work with you before, during and after an incident at your home, 24 hours a day!

Maintaining Your UPVC Doors and Windows

Making sure all of your windows and doors are in a suitable condition all year round is the key to security in your residential home. Most UPVC doors and windows have a 10 year guarantee and covers many issues that could take place with your property so make sure you are aware of the condition of your doors today.

Over time, the plastic materials can fault and the locks can become faulty through wear and tear and no fault of your own. Regular checks with your doors and windows with maintenance routines can also make you aware of any small issues your door might have that can be fixed quickly so that you are no longer leaving your property at risk of burglary.

Top Tip – when you lock your door, pull the handle up slowly and listen to see if there are any catches, sticks or stops. You can sometimes need the lock lubricating or moving slightly so that the transition from open to lock is smooth and simple.

Securing Your Sheds and Outhouses

As well as securing your home you need to remember that you could have potential risks sat outside in your garden and outhouse. Burglars often target lots of smaller properties to get as much benefit from it themselves without the risk of being caught or not actually getting access.

Burglars look for open invitations, perfect hiding places, watch your activity around your home and also look for burglaries that bring no trouble with them. Targeting your sheds and outhouses gives them a clear access and exit route, the chance to get high value goods like garden machinery etc and also removes the risk of being stuck in the property.

According to Safe Wise, the industry leaders in community safety, the top 6 activities that homeowners do unknowingly for burglars include:

  • Giving visitors too much access in your home e.g. the labourer you let in to do work on your bathroom could be checking out your bedroom too
  • Leaving the front door unlocked or the back door
  • Having a predictable schedule that they can follow
  • Leaving the front of your property cluttered to give the impression you haven’t been home in a while
  • Having alarm systems that are clearly not activated
  • Leaving windows open on second floors

Get in Touch

To get residential locksmith support in the Southport and surrounding areas, give me a call today on 01704 507 508 or 07811 267 274. With the ability to work with both commercial and domestic properties, nobody needs to feel vulnerable in their properties any more.

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