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Locksmith Popular Frequently Asked Questions

Many of my customers throughout the Southport area have questions and hopefully here on this FAQ page, I can answer any queries you may have.

If the answer to your problem is not here, just give me a call on 01704 507 508 and I will be more than happy to assist.

Do you fit digital door locks?

When it comes to digital door locks, I source, supply and install mechanical digital locks rather than electronical versions. Legislation states that only approved and accredited electricians are able to install electronic digital locks. I am able to refer you to one if you choose this design of lock.
As a low cost, easy installation door mechanism, digital door locks are quickly becoming a popular choice for many homeowners and landlords.

If I move home, do I need to change the locks?

If you are leaving a property you don’t need to worry about changing the locks. This is something the new homeowner will take care of. However, if you are going to a new property and need to get new locks, just give me a call and I will provide you with the locks and keys you need.

Do you provide more than just locks for doors?

Many homeowners aren’t aware of the services I can carry out at their property. Working with all doors and windows, I am able to assist with various home and commercial building security measures. This helps prove to insurance companies that security is intact.

I ensure that all accessible windows (ground floor) are secure and that all doors have applicable secure locking mechanisms.

Can I fit my own door lock?

I strongly advise that you do not install your own locking systems. As I am fully qualified and have years of expertise, I am able to fit any door locking designs without hassle. To add to this, a professional also removes the risk of poor security.

You may think you are initially saving money. However, you can be setting yourself up for a huge loss later on if you experience a break in or burglary.

I’m worried my key will snap or my lock will break, how can I prevent this?

By using up to date locking systems and keys provided by myself, you can remove the chance of faulty performance and snapped keys. Using poor quality locks will encourage key snapping. Without the proper installation, locks can be prone to damage from the start.


Lock snapping is also a popular burglary method at the moment which involves literally snapping the cylinder to gain entry. This is prevented by making sure the lock itself is fitted correctly and with an anti-snapping device.

My key is broken, should I remove it myself?

Never attempt to fix keys from locks yourself. You could possibly damage the door frame or window locking mechanisms and it can also cause more costs along the line. The best option to take is to get in touch with me as soon as possible to get a replacement solution or repair service.

I’ve called you, what do I do while I wait for you to arrive?

Simply sit back, relax and wait for me to arrive. I always arrive in the quickest time possible and update you at all times so that you are never waiting around for long. Working around the clock, there is never a time that I cannot be there!

What if my door breaks at 2am?

Just give me a call! I come out at any time of day or night because I never want you to be stuck outside, trapped inside or leaving your property without proper security. Don’t worry about being too late or too early, I am available 24/7.

I can’t afford complete replacements; can I get a repair instead?

I always aim to repair rather than replace. As a trustworthy locksmith working for myself rather than a huge company, I provide professional guidance rather than replacements on every project. In more occasions than not, I can always repair the locks and keys rather than replacing.

I’ve heard that British Standard locks are the best kind? Is this true?

There are various styles and brands of locks in circulation all over the UK. With standards and quality in mind, I use British Standard locking devices at all times to in keep in line with current legislation and to make sure your insurance policies are adhered to. Although you do not ‘need’ British standard locks, I highly recommend them.


In most cases, insurance policies need proof that your locks are British standards. This is something you can get right here with my services.

Is there a call out charge?

All of the prices I offer are inclusive of any additional charges and materials. I never hide costs and make sure that you are well aware of the total before I carry out any work. Unlike cowboy builders, I never keep secrets and make cost-effective choices for you every time.

My house has been burgled, do I call a locksmith?

You first need to call the police and alert them of the break in. Once they have arrived on scene or been notified, I will then attend to secure your property again from further intruders. I am not able to attend before the police as they may need to secure the area first. However, always give me a ring to make sure.

You may also need to call your insurance provider. Call 01704 507 508 now for a complete locksmith service you can trust.

Call 01704 507 508 now for a complete locksmith service you can trust.

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