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If you are within the area of Churchtown and require emergency locksmith services of any aspect, you have come to the right place. Here at Dave Halsall Locksmiths, I am a professional, reliable and friendly locksmith who has a vast amount of knowledge and understanding in the locksmith industry. Furthermore, I am able to remove the worries and give you peace of mind using my services for both domestic and commercial properties.

I am dedicated to using the best equipment when carrying out work for my clients, I use leading industry locks and master key systems, ensuring that the security measures at your property are fully secure at all times. Although locks and security systems are extremely durable and long-lasting, issues can still occur. There are many things which can occur and therefore prevent your lock from working correctly such as:

  • Your lock has seized up
  • Weather stripping has caused lock malfunction
  • Your lock has frozen due to cold weather
  • Your lock bolt has stopped operating

I understand that these issues can start at any time, whether it is on your way out of the door for work or returning home for the pub late at night; it is always an inconvenience. This is why I offer a 24 hour call out service for those unexpected incidents. Additionally, locks can be broken on purpose due to intruders trying to gain access to your property, if this does occur, I urge you to contact the police as soon as possible, and then get in touch with me, as I am able to change your locks at any time.

About Lock Changing

Locks help us to keep our valuable belongings and even ourselves safe; feeling insecure in your home is the last thing you could want. A property without effective locks cannot be considered a safe place to live; this is why I am dedicated to ensuring my clients properties are completely safe to live in as well as ensuring they feeling comfortable when away from home.

Having your locks changed can sometimes seem like a chore which you don’t really want to complete, that’s why I make the whole process extremely straightforward and simple as well as affordable.

Reasons To Get Your Locks Changed

If you are wondering when and why you should get your locks changed, here are some great reasons:

You have lost your keys – If you have never lost your keys before, you are very lucky as it is highly inconvenient. This happens often and the feeling of someone gaining access to that key in order to gain access to your home can be quite scary. So, if you have lost your keys, just give me a call today and I will happily provide you with a quick and effective solution to make your property secure again.

You have moved into a new home – This reason is extremely common and important, moving into a new home is an exciting aspect of life, all the new furniture, wallpaper, pictures but what about your locks? Many people forget that when you move into a new home that the previous owner will most likely still have a set of keys, a neighbour, friend or family member could potentially have a set too. If you are beginning a new venture, be sure to get in touch with me regarding changing your locks.

You want to secure your garage – An old or simple garage lock is a reason to worry, if you park your car in your garage which has a lock but doesn’t do much securing, then you are leaving your car vulnerable to thieves. A well-timed change of your existing lock will allow you to avoid such trouble.

Your locking mechanisms are malfunctioning – If your current lock is old or difficult to open, I urge you to replace them as soon as possible. Faulty mechanisms can be opened extremely easily by thieves.

Someone has moved out – If you have had someone live with you but has recently moved out, you may want to consider getting your locks changed. For obvious reasons you will not need to change your locks if this someone is a person you can trust, however, if you are in mixed minds about the situation, just give me a call today.

You just want to feel more secure – If you want to feel more secure in your home, I recommend you have your locks checked and potentially changed if needs be. With my service, you can ensure that I will carry out work which is cost-effective and professional.

Working In Churchtown

Being based in Southport, gives me the ability to travel the short distance of 2 miles to my customers in Churchtown.

Churchtown is a historical village on the northern fringe of Southport and dates back to the Domesday Book. On arrival of Churchtown you will notice the cottages with the pretty thatched roofs, specialists shops and charming cafes.

There are many restaurants, pubs and cafes to visit in Churchtown, such as:

When Am I Available To Work In Churchtown?

I offer a 24 hour call out service throughout Churchtown; during this time I provide my customers with my reliable, professional and friendly locksmith services. Regardless of what time of day, or night it is, you can rely on me to solve your lock issue quickly and effectively. If you feel as though you could benefit from my services, please get in touch today by calling 01704 507 508 or 07811 267 274.

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