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At Dave Halsall Locksmiths I offer an emergency locksmith service to customers who are locked in or out of their properties. I provide leading industry branded manufactured locks and master key systems. It is important that security measures for your property are up to a high standard. My services are available for both domestic and commercial clients and include repairs, replacements, and installations.

Keeping your property secure is not an easy task. However, I am available to give you advice and support on which locks are ideal for your home. If you are ever left in a bad situation and cannot get into your property, I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you.

My Services

I provide a wide range of locksmith services to customers around the Burscough area. This is why I have used my years of experience to deliver a high quality of services. These include:

  • Lock repairs
  • New lock installation
  • uPVC lock upgrades
  • Open locked doors
  • Lock replacements
  • Security lock installation
  • Security keys
  • Master keys
  • Digital door locks
  • Home security measures
  • Securing accessible windows
  • British standard locks
  • Locking systems

All estimates for work to be completed are free and I offer a full guarantee by using leading industry locks. Prices are always competitive and affordable to help you.

Why Would I Need an Emergency Locksmith?

There is bound to be a point in all of our lives where we end up being locked in or out of a property or car. Sometimes this can cause havoc, but with an emergency locksmith on hand there is no need to worry. The most common reasons for needing a locksmith include:

  • Locked keys inside the house
  • Keys locked inside the car
  • Lost keys
  • Key broken off inside the lock
  • Locks need replacing after a burglary
  • Moving into a new home
  • When concerned about security
  • Forgetting the combination
  • The electronic keypad lock needs recoding
  • Transponder key reprogramming

Being locked out of a house or property can be worrying, especially late at night. I understand this, which is why I am available at all times if you require my services.

Window Locks

Leaving your windows and doors unlocked leads to at least 1 in 3 burglaries across the West Lancashire area according to the Lancashire Constabulary. Having secure and trusted locks fitted to your windows battles against the rising rates of burglary. When it comes to window locks, there is a wide range available.  Knowing what style of window you have helps to determine the lock that you need.

The main types of window include casement, tilt and turn, and sash. Casement window frames are hinged and pivoted and usually have a side or top opening. A tilt and turn window typically opens inwards using a hinge. These can be opened into a restricted ventilation position with a simple movement. Finally, sash windows are vertical sliding with the two sashes working independently. When moved up and down, the windows hold their position.

There are many types of window lock, with just a few of these being Espagnolette (Espag), shootbolt, and tilt and turn. An Espag is a locking mechanism that consists of a central gearbox and face bar, with locking points mounted to the bar. Locking points can come in the form of roller or mushroom cams, or retractable or non-retractable hooks. Shootbolt locks have the same materials but with an additional shootbolt which extends outwards from the top to bottom of the window holding it tight to the frame. Tilt and turns come in different forms and uses locks, handles and hinges to operate it.

Types of Lock

Some of the main terms that are used when referring to window locks can be difficult to understand. Some of these include:

  • Latch – a feature of some locks and are used to extend from the central gearbox
  • Roller Cams – often used for weather sealing on uPVC doors, cams are cylindrical in shape and aid the compression of the sash against the frame
  • Mushroom Cams – like rollers, but contain an element that interlocks within to provide separation resistance

For more about window locks or to have some fitted, call me today on 01704 507 508 or 07811 267 274.

Replacing a Lock

There can be many reasons why you may decide to replace your door or window locks. With me, you can rest assured that any work carried out will be to an impeccable standard. The oldest lock dates back more than 6000 years and since then a lot of development has taken place. Locks have changed dramatically from the Mesopotamian era when they are made of a wooden post and bolt. There are many types of door locks to choose from and it is important you decide on the right one. Deadbolts are a great choice for exterior doors and come in two main varieties: single and double. As the most common option, a single deadbolt requires a key to unlock and lock the door from the outside but can be unlocked from the inside by using a thumb turn mechanism.

Double deadbolts do not feature a thumbturn, and instead require a key for both the inside and outside. Mortice locks are mostly found on commercial doors and are threaded and screwed to the mortice hardware and door. Euro profile cylinders are incredibly common and most often found in patios. They are held in place by a single small attach point and are available in single, double, and thumbturn. Choosing the right lock when replacing a security system is something that I am on hand to help with.

Burscough and the Surrounding Area

As a large village, Burscough has a population of around 9,000 and can be traced back to the Viking period. While in the area there are plenty of things to do, including a visit to the HMS Ringtail Royal Naval Air Station Commemorative StatueRichmond Park, or Windmill Animal Farm. If you are in need of a locksmith and are based in the Burscough area, please do not hesitate to get in contact today.

Call Me Today

If you require an emergency locksmith or other lock services, please give me a call today on 01704 507 508 or 07811 267 274. Alternatively, you can fill in my online contact form.

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